Deploying DetectionLab in a Different AWS Region

For cost reasons, DetectionLab AMIs are only currently hosted in us-west-1 and us-east-1. Each region I host AMIs in increases my monthly AWS bill. However, you are welcome to copy those public AMIs into your AWS account in any region you’d like. Here’s how:

Via the AWS Console

  1. Log into AWS and select the EC2 service
  2. Click “AMIs” on the left hand column and ensure you are currently either in us-west-1 or us-east-1
  3. Change the filter from “Owned by me” to “Public Images”
  4. Add the following filter: “Owner : 505638924199”
  5. You should see 3 AMIs appear: detectionlab-dc, detectionlab-wef, detectionlab-win10
  6. For each AMI (you have to do this one at a time), click on the box next to the AMI > Actions > Copy AMI. From here, you will be able to select which region to copy the AMI to. Do this for all three AMIs.
  7. Switch to the target region you chose in step 6 and visit the AMIs panel. You should see 3 pending AMI transfers.
  8. Edit Terraform/variables.tfvars and change the dc_ami, wef_ami, and win10_ami default values from empty string ("") to the AMI ID shown in your AWS console.
  9. Change the owners value from 505638924199 to your own AWS account ID in Be sure not to change the owner for logger during this step.